Power of HOMEs

Power of Home Optimization
& Management of Energy

Our goals

  • Demonstrate at scale how domestic properties can deliver highly valuable demand-side services to the electric grid and contribute to energy efficiency and cost optimization for consumers in UK.
  • Power of HOMEs plans to equip circa 500 homes to aggregate the most common flexible appliances such as electric storage heaters, direct electric heating and water boilers, that could represent up to 20 GW of flexibility at UK scale.
  • Power of HOMEs aims to test the potential of these appliances at aggregated scale and demonstrate the wide range of possibilities for all energy markets (activation within seconds, frequency management, congestion management at local level, renewable firming, high precision of the delivery…), in order to assess the possibility of a massive roll-out UK-wide.

Key Stakeholders / Collaboration

European leader of residential demand-side management and real-time aggregation of flexibilities. Created in 2006, with already 100,000 consumers aggregated. Daily operations on French markets since 2010 (mFRR, wholesale market, capacity market, frequency reserves…)
The Electric Heating Company (“EHC”) has been one of the foremost suppliers of electric heating and hot water products in the UK for over 12 years.
Delta-ee is a rapidly growing, dynamic and entrepreneurial research and consulting company, positioned at the heart of the transformation of energy markets and recognised as the leading European provider of independent expertise in the marketplace.
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