Power of Homes,
a UK government project to decarbonise
the electricity system

Join a community of 100,000 members
in Europe and get savings for free.
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Why join Power of Homes?

By joining Power of Homes, you will get a free box to monitor
and control your electricity consumption in real time !
15 %

Up to 15% savings on
typical BILL

100 000 +

Homes in europe


Kwh saved
every month

15% savings

Up to 15% savings on typical
electricity bills

Energy security

Contribute to efficiency
Reduce blackout risks


Significant CO2 emission reduction thanks to
avoided generation

Monitoring tools

Control your heating remotely
and set it
to your own schedule

How does it work?

Power of HOMEs will test an innovative model that already successfully operates in other countries.
The project will connect appliances such as electric heaters, water boilers or EV charging points. When the grid needs it, Power of HOMEs will operate and aggregate micro-sheddings to reduce the consumption of connected appliances. These energy savings will avoid firing more conventional power plants, and will be valued by the electricity markets.
Want to participate?

100% free

100% in control

Intuitive dashboard

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The Voltalis system was installed in my property during July 2018. The installation took around 1 hour and the installers were very friendly and tidy. Since it has been installed there has been no disruption to my Heating and when I received my last bill I was in credit. I would have no hesitation recommending […]


We are delighted with the whole thing. Installation was quick, we feel warm at home, and our energy bills have decreased significantly.


The installation of my equipment was quick and easy. The engineers were very helpful and explained everything I needed to know and how the equipment would work. It didn’t disrupt my supply and there have been no issues.

You speak better
than us

Many of our users, having joined for various reasons, report that they feel more informed, and in control of their energy consumption.

Few more questions?

How to install
my box?

Once we confirm that you can join the program, we contact you to arrange for a certified electrician to install the box in your home.This should take around 2 hours. You will also be shown how to use the system.

What is Shedding?

Shedding is a short pause of your electric heating appliances. Shedding lowers loads on the grid, and lowers your consumption while maintaining your comfort.
You are in control of your electricity consumption at all times. You can stop a shedding at anytime, as the box includes a button that allows you to stop any ongoing shedding

Is this technology good for the planet?

The cleanest energy is the one we don’t use. Therefore, each Power of HOMEs user is a member of an alternative to polluting energy generation. Every 100,000 households equipped replace a thermal powerplant.

Why is the
box free?

Voltalis will in the future be paid by electricity transport system operators when the sheddings are benefitting the electricity network. This allows Voltalis to install, operate and service the box as well as its associated services (such as your Voltalis dashboard to check your consumption).

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